Thinking of playing Rugby League - here's a few more reasons to play with the Bushrangers...

Here's a quick rundown of an interview we did all about our wonderful club and why we won the coveted National Rugby Leagues "Grassroots Club of the Year" award...
"The Bushrangers are committed to being all inclusive and accepting of all people, how did this start?"

The inclusive concept initially started when we saw the joy that players who normally wouldn’t be given a chance to play Rugby League gained from being given an opportunity. This concept continued to gain inspiration from the late Oscar Buhagier. League was his love of life and to give Oscar an opportunity that many believed was not possible gave us the motto "Everyone’s Club".
At the Bushrangers we focus on the player who wants to be the next NRL superstar along with the players who just want to be given an opportunity.
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"You have players with mental and physical disabilities, does it ever become difficult to include them fully?"

The Bushrangers have to date managed to include players fully, the effort of patient coaches , trainers and managers have been the key to getting the players on the field in an inclusive manner.
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"What are some of the positive effects from your "Everyone's Club" policy that you've witnessed?"

We now have more players with disabilities contacting us with the confidence that everyone can play league. The inclusive factor has seen a positive community image of Rugby League.

Would you encourage other clubs to take a similar stance and if so, why?
Yes , we encourage all clubs to make an effort to accommodate all players whether they are Div 1 or Div 5 , the positive feedback has shown us that there is a need for inclusion.

After all we are all One Community!
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More Recognition for the Bushrangers!
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Jeff Quick (President) receives another award on behalf of the Kellyville Bushrangers

We have again been honoured with a prestigious award (what a year). This one all the more special as it has a local community focus. Whilst it is great to be recognized nationally it is probably even more special when the local community appreciate what you do.

At the
Rouse Hill Business Achievers Awards evening The Bushrangers were recognized for our continuing role within the community by receiving the Community Contribution Award. The judges were impressed by our very inclusive culture of “Everyones Club”, our ongoing support of both Cure Our Kids and The McGrath Foundation as well as our involvement in the Share A Book Program. Our ongoing commitment to running or Summer Coaching and School Holiday Clinics and by promoting the involvement of Women and Girls in the sport, particularly with the very popular “Princesses”.

Again, we would not be in a position to receive these accolades without the commitment and support of everyone within our great club. We thank you for all of your support and hope you share the joy and pride we all feel in this and our other recent awards. Thanks also to all of our community partners (sponsors) who provide the means and support for us to be able to undertake the many programs and initiatives we do. As always “
Everyones Club” means “Everyones Award”.