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Volunteer of the Year Award...

Congratulations to Penny for winning the Toyota National Volunteer of the Year Award.

A wonderful result for not only Penny but all the hardworking people in this club. I'm sure Penny would be the first to admit - it is a huge team effort behind her that is helping our club - THE KELLYVILLE BUSHRANGERS - in gaining the publicity and popularity that we are currently enjoying.
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Kellyville Bushrangers - Number 1 Grassroots Junior Club of the Year

What a Night - What a Win!!!

At the NRLs huge awards night at Sydneys Town Hall - the NRL confirmed what many have known for some time. The Kellyville Bushrangers are the
Number 1 Junior Rugby League Club in Australia. This was confirmed when we took out the NRL One Community Grass Roots Club of The Year.

This, on the back of being voted Parramatta’s
Clubs Club of the year certainly confirms and rewards the journey we, as a club have been on for the past five years and is a fantastic reward for the vision and hard work of The Board of the Club and so many of our members who give up their time and skills to make The Bushrangers the club we are.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every member of the club. Without you supporting the many initiatives we undertake we simply could not have reached the position we are now in.

That does not mean the journey is over. In fact in many ways it is just beginning and we will continue to strive to improve and make The Bushrangers even better. We thank everyone for their past support and hope you will continue to support us as we move forward.

Just as the Bushrangers motto is “Everyone’s Club”. This is certainly Everyone’s Award.
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We have also been honoured with a prestigious award (what a year). This one all the more special as it has a local community focus...more...
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In case you are wondering - the Bushrangers won the Grassroots Junior Rugby League Club of the Year Award based on the following.

It is awarded to a rugby league club that has fostered participation and enjoyment at all levels of the sport, has shown innovation in administration and has become an integral part of their community.

Judging Criteria:
• Exceptional community service, & a club which has become an integral part of their community
• Outstanding initiatives undertaken in areas such as recruiting and retaining members and volunteers, sponsorship, facilities or community involvement as well as creating a family environment/culture within the club
• A club that has been involved in One Community initiatives such as the Monster Raffle would be looked upon favourably
• Clubs must also demonstrate the application of the ARLD Code of Conduct, Risk Management and Child Protection policies

....Sounds Like Our Club - doesn't it...
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Our very own Penny had been nominated for the Women in League Achievement Award (Volunteer) and not only stood tall above hundreds of other nominations got down to the top three in the Country!

It was presented to a woman who has either acted as an outstanding advocate for the advancement and opportunity of women in Rugby League or the advancement of Rugby League generally. She will be recognized for her own personal achievements and contributions to the game as well as raising awareness of women's involvement in Rugby League, and played an active role in encouraging more girls and women to participate in rugby league. Or, she may have also made a significant contribution to Rugby League development, competitions or events and demonstrated valuable service to the sport.

It's nice for her to be recognized for all her hard work around the club (not the least being her perserverence with the introduction of the Pink Princess shown to the right). It's a wonderful achievement for not only Penny but for the club...